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Naruto Shonen Jump Fan Art Cover (viz type) by joey2132132 Naruto Shonen Jump Fan Art Cover (viz type) by joey2132132
This is my submission to the Viz media Weekly shonen jump Draw a Naruto Cover contest that is to pay homage to Naruto manga series since its ending and also the creator Masashi Kishimoto is the judge, Here i submitted two fan art covers one English (viz) and the original (Japanese) which is to represent what happens if the whole manga magazine is dedicating the final chapter of naruto when it is released in November .Both covers have something in common and they are considered heart warming.

This fan art cover of Weekly shonen jump (viz media) is all white and the logo is also fading. Standing alone in the cover alone is a calm and peaceful  naruto  smiling at us which represents that his adventures is ended and peace has finally come once again to the shinobi world at last  and the reason why the whole cover is white and the logo is fading is the symbolization that the series is ending but we readers will never forget it and it has the message saying the end of an era above the Naruto logo.

This fan art is inspired from the cover of All star superman issue no 1 and the final kamen rider kuuga Junction (the calm and peaceful yusuke part) 

It doesn't matter whether if i win or lose in the contest i just hope what anyone thinks of  both of the fan art covers i made.  

MajinLu Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Nice :D
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October 7, 2014
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