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We Bare Bears Fan art  Watching  A Preview by joey2132132 We Bare Bears Fan art  Watching  A Preview by joey2132132
This fan art or fan comic is dedicated to cartoon networks show we bare bears,Here Panda calls  his brothers to watch a preview of the new show from FCN '3 wild boys' from their laptop about 3 humans who try to mingle with animals .After watching the preview Panda and ice bear wish to see the show but Grizzly didn't because he wasn't interested to a show about three guys trying to mingle to a different society which is kind of a 'Hypocritical Humor' because the premise of 'We bare bears' has a similar premise to "3 wild boys" because its about the bears trying to mingle to different group of species which are humans.


* The speech bubbles and the fonts are a homage to creator  Daniel Chong's webcomic The Three Bare Bears which inspired the show.

*The appearance of the humans from '3 wild boys' are based on the voice actors of the bears from left to right Bobby Moynihan (panda bear),Eric Edelstein (Grizzly) and Demetri Martin (Ice Bear).Also did you know that the 3rd guy almost slipped out when he speaks his real language before once again doing his 'roar' well its similar to ice bear when he speaks less and mutes a lot.Guess what 'headdress' the 3 wild boys actors are wearing.

*FCN or "Film channel network" is parody of AMC or american movie channel ,Hench why the subtitle above the "3 wild boys" has the subtitle "A FCN original"

*The title of "3 wild boys" is a homage to the title of chong's webcomic The Three Bare Bears.
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