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My own  Fullmetal alchemist legacy fan art by joey2132132 My own  Fullmetal alchemist legacy fan art by joey2132132
This is the Fullmetal alchemist fan art i made which is what i made on what could have been the sequel to the Fullmetal alchemist manga and the brotherhood anime series but takes place in the present  set many years after the manga series and the brotherhood anime series where it shows the great great great grand children of the Elric brothers who are cousins set in the Fullmetal alchemist world of Japan but in the present where it has a female one descended from the Elric brothers who looks like Winry but has the behavior similar like Alphonse as she is an alchemist and wears a coat similar  like Edward Elric and with her is her cousin who is half Japanese and is also descended from the Elric brothers but as a high school student in Japan who possess the alchemy ability as he holds what appears to be a katana made from his alchemy similar like how Edward did. He may look like Alphonse with black hair but will have a behavior like Edward.

The reason why it should have been a  sequel to the Fullmetal alchemist series taking place in the present is because since the original (manga and brotherhood) takes place in the 1900’s why not have its sequel takes place in the present in the world of Fullmetal alchemist as it focus on the descendants of the Elric brothers one female and the other a high school Japanese youth.

The reason why the first one is female is because creator Hiromu in Her Q&A section states there are too many women working in the Fullmetal world I though why not have the first one protagonist as female and the reason why the second protagonist is a Japanese high school student is because since the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist is Japanese why not have it take place in present day Japan with the second protagonist as Japanese since it is possible that his closest relative is an “European type” Elric and is considered older than him .

And i draw it almost in 
 Hiromu Arakawa style.

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September 8, 2014
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