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KR machines gijinka with tridoron by joey2132132 KR machines gijinka with tridoron by joey2132132
With Kamen rider drive being the first series to have the car as the main vehicle i decided to humanification or 'gijinkas to most of the rider vehicles it shows Cyclone (kamen rider 1's bike) and Hardboilder are shocked that a female girl in a police uniform (car) named Tridoron is joining the group which shocked both of them because  it will change the organization as they knew it (which represents as a shock to some of the rider fans who respect the series the bikes) however Den-bird and Acrobatter tells the change already happened  to the organisation before tridoron with their siblings Den-bird's big brother  Den O (a train who is considered the riders true main vehicle) and Acrobatters little sister  Ridoron (the 'original' first car of the rider series but a second vehicle to black RX) as she pointed towards  tridoron on why she is the main one while she is just 'nothing' (Representing Tridoron as the first car to be the rider's main vehicle) 

Cyclone is drawn in shotaro ishinomori style because shotaro ishinomori created kamen rider in 1971 so this style from his manga works will suit the cyclone gijinka 
Hardboilder(W),Tridoron (drive)  and Den-bird and Denliner (Den-O)  are drawn in the style of some den-o manga by some mangaka named Fujisawa Naoyuki because since  Riku Sanjo was the head writer of  Kamen Rider W and since Fujisawa Naoyuki is the one who draw the farewell den O manga adaptation i decided i put this style for them .
Acrobatter and Ridoron (RX) are drawn in the style of Kazuhiko Shimamoto  because Kazuhiko is a fan of ishinomori he draw the manga adaptation of Kamen rider ZO (including skullman) which is why i choose this style since they represent the late 80s and teh early 90's 

The rider vehicles (in human/gijinka form) starting from left are Cyclone,Hardboilder,Tridoron,Den-bird,Den-O,Acrobatter and Ridoron 

Note: Tridoron is wearing a police uniform because the motif of kamen rider drive is police officer and the reason Tridoron and Ridoron are depicted as girls (through ridoron speaks male in its original car form)  is because Since bikes are considered male and the traditional vehicle of the riders ,I thought maybe Cars are depicted as girls  so seeing seeing the car Tridoron in drive as the main vehicle i decided the premise will be having tridoron being the first female member of the 'organization'

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October 6, 2014
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