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botched spot fanmade strip-9 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Botched Spot Fanmade Strip 8 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 2 1 Rebecca Harris Fly Girl (superhero Costume Ver) :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Botched Spot Fan Made Strip 7 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Botched Spot Fan Made Strip 6 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Botched Spot Fanmade Strip 5 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Fanmade botched spot strip -4 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 1 0 How black mirror cures internet addicts :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Teen Wolves :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 We Bare Bears Fan art Watching A Preview :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 4 0 Fanmade botched spot strip -3 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 1 0 Fanmade Botched Spot Strip-2 :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Fanmade Botched Spot Strip :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Starman Forever (tribute To Bowie) :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 1 0 Witchblade Passing The Torch To Switch :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 0 0 Phineas And Ferb Curtain Call :iconjoey2132132:joey2132132 9 0


Manga DC: GL v2 Commission for joey2132132 :iconeffektdmentality:effektdmentality 46 6 Trash Boat :iconroperseid:roperseid 53 16 Donatello the awesome one :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 653 33



botched spot fanmade strip-9
This is the 9th fanmade botched spot strip and it is based on a botched moment in wrestlemania 33 when a female security guard stops wrestlemania guest competitor and New England Patriots american  football player Rob 'Gronk' Gronkowski entering the ring to help  Mojo Rawley during the Andre the giant memorial battle royal.……………

The strip shows the female security guard preventing Rob from entering the ring thinking he is part of the audience however one of the referees tries to correct the security guard  explaining her that he is part of the 'work' a professional  wrestling term for 'part of the act' or 'supposed to be on the ring'. Realizing her mistake the security guard lets Rob enter the ring but worries if this will result in getting fired from her job,As Rob before entering is looking furious at the security guard for interfering him  .

This is the first and possibly only part of the strip where i explain one of the terms in the wrestling industry like 'work' for example

Botched Spot Fanmade Strip 8
As we are getting ready for this years  wrestlemania ,I decided to make another fanmade botched spot strip revolving around the wrestlemania  roller coaster set  and its inspired from that strip…

Taking place in the WWE creative department (if there is one) which are responsible for creating designs for the Pay per view events, one of the female set designers showed her amusement park dates to her fellow co-worker when Paul Levesque (aka triple H) who is also in charge of the creative department besides being in charge of NXT caught the two girls goofing off that he is  about to go mad at them but then changes his mind when he witness the roller coaster in one of the set designers date photos from her smartphone and ask her to design it as a set for wrestlemania 
Rebecca Harris Fly Girl (superhero Costume Ver)
This is an alternate version of one of :iconaraghenxd: 's creations  Rebecca Harris aka Fly girl if she wears a superhero costume instead of being a clothes ripping transforming  mutant freak .

Her origins and  powers are similar like her original counterpart but different she can sprout and unsprout her wings to fly ,she can use her bug eye vision hidden within her eye pupil and has great strength beyond humans.

Her costume is based on  the original design… and  is inspired from the  costumes the kids are wearing from the comic… and the Marvel cinematic universe costumes

Personal note:

I was originally going to ask :iconaraghenxd: if he can use it as a commission in his style but because of my pestering and my biggest 'mistake' which i regret, this results from 'neutral zero to critical bad' that he decided not to do it.So i decided its best i should do it myself and let it be a 'what if' fan art instead.

And if you watching this picture :iconaraghenxd: i hope you like the alternate version of your OC  so that you can add it in your favorites and leave a comment saying that you like it and maybe remake it in your style someday.

Beware the fly girl created by the original creator :iconaraghenxd: 
Botched Spot Fan Made Strip 7
I am now submitting 2 more fanmade botched spot strips and the second and last  involves Anthem and Matt hardy's rights over the 'broken' gimmick

The strip takes place in the office where Ed Nordholm the president of Impact wrestling and Matt hardy arguing over the rights to the broken gimmick as Ed tells Matt not to take the gimmick with him to the ring of honor because anthem owns it but strikes back at ed that he created the gimmick and he owns it.Next to the arguing couple Jeff hardy who is bored at seeing his brother Matt and Ed arguing ask one of the anthem staff members how long will this argument last which the staff member say that it will last a day or two.
Botched Spot Fan Made Strip 6
I am now submitting 2 more fanmade botched spot strips and the first one involves anthem's 'weak' start to impacts wrestling's new era inspired from this strip…

and it is entitled 'Anthem's reaction to impacts new era'

The strip has Ed Nordholm the president of Impact wrestling at his office witness the bad start of the new era by watching most of the weak moments from his monitor ,His assistant came and ask if the show got off to a bad start which ed didn't respond but his assistant knows it is .
You know when I first came to deviantart I posted new deviations that most people are seeing it and now its gone less as in just 1 person or zero what went wrong and how will I get more people to see my art?



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