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Botched Spot Fanmade Strip 5
The fifth fanmade botched spot by yours truly and this involves the end of Panda Energy  (and  Dixie carter's ) reign of TNA and the beginning of anthem sports reign which i like to call it "Anthem now owns TNA".

This strip has  Leonard Asper President/CEO of Anthem sports & Entertainment tells Dixie that  his company Anthem can take over from here with  Ed Nordholm  controlling it as Dixie sadly looks on in defeat seeing the the old remains from her TNA era such as the TNA and impact wrestling logos being taken away by a bulldozer (poorly drawn and a joke owned by anthem as show with their logo on their side) and replaced with Anthems own version of  impact wrestling logo as she admits that she wasn't fond of wrestling.
Fanmade botched spot strip -4
Alternate title Botched spot fanmade strip -Future Direct to video WWE animated crossover movie?

This is my fourth botched spot fanmade comic strip and this time it not only makes fun of WWE's direct to video animated crossover to another animated  property like scooby doo,Flintstones and the jetsons but also it is a farewell to the series regular show since the series finale is on Monday.
In this strip Botched spot creator  James Hornsby and I (face not seen) discuss about the upcoming  WWE's direct to video animated movie The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!  through webcam as we also discuss what happens if WWE made a crossover animated film with Cartoon networks Regular show,We imagine that the WWE and regular show animated crossover film will be entitled "REGULAR SHOW and WWE wrestlemania" as it shows one of the "scenes" where Mordecai and Rigby teams up with Roman Reigns as he tries to regain his WWE universal championship belt from Bray Wyatt with the help of his boys the Wyatt family,This panel has  the WWE wrestlers in regular show style and i have to admit  Bray Wyatt in this panel does makes a good impression as  one of the usual Regular show villain if he is in the show, After our imagination James and I decided to forget about it as we think that  its a bad idea.

I wonder if James likes the depiction i made for him and pays tribute to Regular show.
How black mirror cures internet addicts
Black mirror is a science fiction anthology series created by Charlie Brooker that shows the dark side of technology when  we overuse it,But can you imagine that this show can cure people from their internet addiction? here is a funny comic strip for example when Brooker use his show on an internet addict to get rid of his addiction problems.
Teen Wolves
As we preparing for the end of MTV teen wolf,I thought it will be better to draw a fan art dedicated to both the original 1985 film and the MTV loosely based series ,Here it show the character from the film  Scott Howard and the protagonist of the MTV series  Scott McCall holding their werewolves selves from fighting as they begin to hate each other because of their difference while their original human selves try to apologies for their behavior.

We Bare Bears Fan art Watching A Preview
This fan art or fan comic is dedicated to cartoon networks show we bare bears,Here Panda calls  his brothers to watch a preview of the new show from FCN '3 wild boys' from their laptop about 3 humans who try to mingle with animals .After watching the preview Panda and ice bear wish to see the show but Grizzly didn't because he wasn't interested to a show about three guys trying to mingle to a different society which is kind of a 'Hypocritical Humor' because the premise of 'We bare bears' has a similar premise to "3 wild boys" because its about the bears trying to mingle to different group of species which are humans.


* The speech bubbles and the fonts are a homage to creator  Daniel Chong's webcomic The Three Bare Bears which inspired the show.

*The appearance of the humans from '3 wild boys' are based on the voice actors of the bears from left to right Bobby Moynihan (panda bear),Eric Edelstein (Grizzly) and Demetri Martin (Ice Bear).Also did you know that the 3rd guy almost slipped out when he speaks his real language before once again doing his 'roar' well its similar to ice bear when he speaks less and mutes a lot.Guess what 'headdress' the 3 wild boys actors are wearing.

*FCN or "Film channel network" is parody of AMC or american movie channel ,Hench why the subtitle above the "3 wild boys" has the subtitle "A FCN original"

*The title of "3 wild boys" is a homage to the title of chong's webcomic The Three Bare Bears.
You know when I first came to deviantart I posted new deviations that most people are seeing it and now its gone less as in just 1 person or zero what went wrong and how will I get more people to see my art?



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